A leading advertising software company

We create software so that you can scale.

Hi there!

We have experience of 15 years of development and marketing

We create software that survive the toughest hits. Whether its a spiked network or spiked users, we are ready for all.

We create softwares by integrating leading advertising providers that help our customers to scale up their business.

What we do

Advertising Solutions

Integration with multiple suppliers 

Data Driven Solution

We help you to take decisions based on data not with emotions


We create software that are scaleable either automatically or with just a single click of button at your disposal.

Seasoned Developers

We have seen all the seasons of development from very start of Asp.net as RAD to modern Node.js and Angular framework. We know how to scale.

Firm Architecture

We create software based on the tried and tested architecture followed by industries.

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